How to Publish Local News

1.     Click ‘Publish Local News’ from the Action Menu on your Housenet home page.

2.     Type in the title and body of your post. You can use different formatting tools to make your post look good. You can add pictures, links, or even video.

3.     After building your post, make sure to choose the appropriate category for your local news so that your neighbours who are subscribed to that category will receive alert about your post.

4.     Add keywords so people can easily find your post when they search for news related to your keywords.

5.     Choose your cover image by clicking one of the five available cover images provided by Housenet or uploading your own cover image.

6.     Choose the readers who can view your post by clicking on the dropdown list in ‘Privacy’. You can also set parameters on who can comment on your post.

7.     Finally, click the pledge button that guarantees that your post is genuine news and not a spam and hit the ‘Publish’ button.

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