How to Promote an Event

1. Click 'Promote an Event' from the Action Menu. Alternatively, you can also click 'Events' from the 'Explore' tab. 

2. Enter the details of your event. Make sure you use 'key words' in the event title; this will increase the visibility of your event, both on Housenet and in search engines such as Google. Also use key words when writing your description. 

3. Enter the venue, and the actual address. This will enable Google Maps and help show people how to get there.

4. Keep privacy settings as open as possible. If your event is public and you want to attract as many people as possible, set to 'Everyone'.

5. Upload an image or photo to make your event stand out.

6. Invite your guests from your friend list. If you're seeking a wider audience, ask your friends to invite their friends, and help your event go really 'viral' by offering a promotional prize for this. 

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